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Understanding the Different Fields of Logistics

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The word logistics is used extensively, but surprisingly, not as well understood as it should be. It is more than just simply warehousing, kitting, transporting and distributing your products. The very nature of logistics can change depending on the field of logistical service or solution required. As such, we are going to help you understand a few of the different fields of logistics.


estrategia-de-logisticaThe production field of logistics deals primarily with maximizing the efficiency of production. Whether it is planning the factory layout or production line, controlling production elements or ensuring efficiency between processes, production logistics is at its heart.


Procurement logistics, as the name suggests, deals with procuring the right information, goods and services. From information research right down to order controls, this field is concerned with it all. The primary emphasis of this field s to ensure businesses have the information they need via market research. This helps them make the right decisions, find the right suppliers and make the right orders.


Possibly the most common form of logistics, synonymous to its name, distribution is a field that tackles the warehousing, think greenprocessing, packaging and transportation of goods, along with its distribution network. It is the combination of distribution with production and procurement that make up the popular face of logistics that most business owners see and love.


As the name implies, green logistics is a field that interlinks with other fields but simultaneously works to ensure reduced environmental impact. Companies that are required to adhere to strict environmental regulations often acquire a logistics partner that offers green logistics.


cleanaway slide4Whether it is a small business or large, disposing of waste materials within the confines and requirements of the law can be quite an arduous and resource-intensive task. However, with the right disposal logistics services, disposal costs can be minimized, ensuring compliance and increased profitability.


Businesses in numerous industries such as scrap handling, metal forging, recycling and the petrochemical industries, cannot hope to survive, let alone grow, without proper reverse logistics. This is because it deals with the collection and reuse of materials. More often than not, it includes managing, storing and selling certain waste and/or surplus material. This ensures maximum resource utilization, cost minimization and profit maximization in a simultaneous three-pronged strategy.

With the information above, we hope that you can make smarter and actionable business decisions. By understanding the different fields of logistics involved in your industry, you can make choose the right logistics solutions for your company - relevant, measurable and cost-effective.

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