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TVI-Logistics-Explainer-Video PLAY IMAGE smallTVI provides the best logistics in the business. Your project will be overseen the entire way, from source to destination, by our experienced team to ensure complete and timely delivery.

Our logistics team works seamlessly with your company.  Our logistics team has over 100 years of experience, and we take on each project with professionalism and a smile.  Our customers have trusted us with their packages and moving needs for over 22 years. We deliver B2B and B2C to meet your needs.

We offer a variety of logistics services, including;  independent air carrier capability, freight-forwarding service, fulfillment, packaging, crating, route delivery and messenger,  general delivery, and white-glove delivery.

TVI operated its own public Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ).  There we specialize in sorting, kitting, containment, repackaging and duty reduction programs.

TVI's services are also available to our government customers through the General Services Administration's World Wide Logistics Schedule (GSA LOGWORLD). 


Case Studies

Distribution and Your Supply Chain

logistics-distributionDistribution is an interrelated mechanism of resources, facilities and transportation systems that moves goods from producers to consumers. A distribution network is the system a company uses to get products from the manufacturer to the retailer. A fast and reliable distribution network is essential to a successful business because customers must be able to get products and services when they want them.

Effectively understanding the correlation between distribution and logistics is critical to a company's bottom line. In general, logistics refers to the distribution process within the comp...

Read more: Distribution and Your Supply Chain


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