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How Kitting and Assembly Services Can Grow Your Business

Kitting and Assembly 

The concept of product kitting is becoming increasingly popular as more and more businesses try to reduce their packaging costs and other related expenses. In some cases, the products require a number of items to be sold in conjunction with one another. Packs and kits thus come into play but, as you may realize, this also entails a lot of time to combine or assemble them together, as well as the need for warehousing.

As a result, kitting and light assembly services are often required. The main aim behind these  services is to enable you to reduce your inventory. Product kits and packs can be finalized shortly before being delivered. Thus, you will be better able to respond quickly and more economically to demands. Specific consumer orders will also be seen to more efficiently.

It Is Important to Choose a Reputable Kitting and Assembly Service Provider

This is where we come into play. Backed up with experienced operators and equipped with state-of-the-art systems, we can guarantee efficiency and quality. Flexible staffing is another important aspect in this line of business. That is why many businesses prefer a kitting and assembly service provider who will be able to manage activity spikes and any urgent orders.

Fulfilling Your Orders May be Challenging and Time Consuming

With kitting and assembly services you will be able to deal with higher demands more easily. Cost and time savings are the benefits when large batches of kits or packs are prepared. In such cases, they will be pre-built in batches and this saves up a lot of time. The assembly time per kit will be reduced considerably. When the content of each kit or pack has been pre-determined, the assemblers will be able to speed up the process. Distribution will also be more streamlined.


Packing Options

Available packing options include: 

  • bundle wrapping
  • blister packing
  • cello wrapping,

Warehousing and distribution services will also be offered. In such a case, you will be able to benefit from better production management as well as improved inventory management of the various packing supplies.

Procurement of different types of packing materials will be in the hands of the kitting company. So, you will be able to benefit from lower costs as we buy in bulk. Both manual and automated assembly will be offered, depending on the type of order, the materials involved, and the number of packs or kits required. When outsourcing these services, you will be able to reduce labor costs too.

Much to be Gained

So, as you can see, there is a lot to be gained when opting for kitting and assembly services. These types of services are ideal for products that are comprised of different elements  such as gift packs, instructional packets, game sets and subscription boxes. They are also widely used when promotional items or samples are involved. In such cases, make sure to contact us.

We can offer you efficient and professional kitting and assembly services so as to help you save on labor, inventory, and distribution costs. 

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