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Choosing the Right Fulfillment Service Company

choosing-fulfillment-serviceOrder fulfillment, or delivery of goods, is a part of commerce operation once an order is received. Fulfillment refers to those providing the storing of customers' materials until they request delivery to themselves or to a third party. Vendors also provide fulfillment services of requests received form a customer by mail, phone, fax or any other electronic means, better known as "pick and pack."

Order fulfillment is usually made by contacting the US Postal Service or delivery/logistics firm referrals, although word of mouth from colleagues and partners is generally the best way to find a company in your area, which will work for you. The Mailing and Fulfillment Service Association (MFSA) is another good source to find fulfillment companies and their references.

Some companies specialize only in literature fulfillment services. Others may offer a range of corporate business solutions, such as catalog and literature fulfillment, magazine premiums, kit assembly, hand fulfillment, inventory and warehouse space, along with a broad line of shipping services, in addition to order fulfillment, processing your orders, payments and pick and pack your products.

choosing-fulfillment-serviceThese fulfillment companies are particularly appreciated by companies with established commerce, e-commerce and telemarketing activities. Doing research for fulfillment services, the most important observation on your checklist is to look at the companies' profile to find their capabilities. This makes it easier to partner with fulfillment companies that meet your order fulfillment or literature fulfillment needs.

Double check how many years the fulfillment services has been in business, since the better companies are those that have been providing services for a long time, guaranteeing they will not take your money and be gone tomorrow. Although, new companies should not be mistaken for being incompetent, just beginning.

In fact, many of them are just starters, but have highly qualified professionals just waiting for the opportunity to demonstrate their commitment to establishing a reliable partnership. Continuing with your checklist, ask the fulfillment companies to describe the areas of their business, such as order fulfillment, fulfillment services, literature fulfillment, etc.

Through their description, you can have a better idea of their services whether communicated verbally or provided by means of printed literature. If your business engages an important amount of money in your chosen fulfillment companies and you are concerned about them, check with outside sources like your local Chamber of Commerce, the Better Business Bureau, Dun & Bradstreet, as well as with the different delivery services they work with.

Reliable fulfillment companies should comprise financial stability, a positive background history, reputation in the marketplace, equipment list and fulfillment services offered (order fulfillment, literature fulfillment, etc.). Companies with quality control processes, postal knowledge and solid service rules in written or electronic form are your best option when choosing a fulfillment service company.

When you think of customized fulfillment services you should be thinking of TVI. We want to be your fulfillment center and our goal is to operate seamlessly with your staff to support your fulfillment needs.

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