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How Freight Forwarders Make a Difference in International Shipping

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Freight forwarders are generally viewed as a necessity only by businesses dealing with the import and export of goods. However, they can be a godsend to any individual faced with an international freight problem. Freight forwarders provide logical and professional shipping solutions to any client requiring their expertise.

Although international freight shipping might seem like a straight forward affair, unless you are well versed in the many treaties governing international trade and import/export restrictions, then you might run into unforeseen problems even if all you are shipping are your personal belongings.

Hiring the right freight forwarders to help you with your international freight requirements is a logical first step to getting your belongings to your ultimate destination. Regardless of what you have to ship over, unless you are relocating with nothing more than a backpack, then you will have to find shippers to help you book passage on a ship or aircraft, deal with customs obligations and fill out all of the necessary documentation. International freight is especially tricky because you must fill out the correct papers and file them with the proper authorities in a timely fashion or risk having your belongings held up at customs for an indefinite length of time.

Crane and Containers-smallShipping goods overseas also involves having to rent a container to hold all of your belongings. Unless you know exactly what kind of a container to rent and from where you can obtain such a vessel on your own, you will have to use the services of either a shipping company or a freight forwarder. While a shipping company might be able to cover some bases, they will undoubtedly have to call on third parties to fill other aspects of your move. Most international freight companies will partner up with customs brokers and will book space on ships and aircraft in order to ensure space for their customers' shipments. However, freight forwarders generally tend to either have all of these services offered under one, practical umbrella or they have a very extensive network of partners, meaning that they have are able to offer you a turn-key service for your international freight shipping needs.

Freight forwarders are an integral part of the global supply chain. They are the logisticians that make sure that every cog is in place and that all elements of the industry are working properly. If there is a hold-up somewhere, you can be sure that your freight forwarder will be on the job trying to find a fix or even sending one of their local agents to the site in order to work out a solution to the problem. The freight forwarding sector is one that must oversee the entirety of the shipping industry. Unless the freight forwarders are doing their jobs properly, there would be plenty of mixed signals, overcrowded ports and crossed shipments to contend with.

In the end freight forwarders are the businesses to turn to if you need to ship your belongings overseas and want the job to be done properly, inexpensively and professionally.

Let TVI be your freight forwarding agent. Our company will organize shipments to get your goods from the manufacturer or producer to a market, customer or final point of distribution. If you would like more information, feel free to contact us or complete the form on the right.

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