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Home Furnishings Receiving Warehouse - White Glove Delivery

WHITE GLOVE DELIVERY SERVICEIn the highly competitive industry of Home Furnishings and Interior Design there are countless ways to provide customer satisfaction, but one of the most critical is the impression that is left when the goods are finally delivered to the customer's home.

Individuals seeking the vision of a "well feathered nest", at any income level, always imagine the peace and comfort that accompanies selecting and enjoying the benefits of their hard earned dollars.

Customers of a Home Furnishings Receiving Warehouse include furniture and accessory manufacturers, furniture showrooms, interior designers, architects, artists and craftsman of all types.  The Receiving Warehouse is the connection between these sources of Home Furnishings and the end user who enjoys them. 

The End User is the customer of the showroom, designer or artist and does not consider the relationship between the Receiving Warehouse and the showroom or designer.  The End User actually sees the Receiving Warehouse as an extension of the showroom or Interior Designer.  In the best case scenario, the Receiving Warehouse is completely transparent to the End User. After a seemingly endless wait to receive their custom finished or upholstered furniture and accessories, the End User does not want to be entangled in the logistics of how their prized possession arrive at their homes, they expect them to appear there as if by the magic of Star Trek-like transportation, placed perfectly for them to enjoy.  That is what a state of the art Home Furnishings Receiving Warehouse calls White Glove Delivery!

Some of the functions of a Home Furnishings Receiving Warehouse included:

1. Receiving of the goods from Manufacturers, Showrooms and Fabricators via Common Carrier or Dedicated Carriers

2. Inspection of Incoming Goods

3. Documentation, Identification and Verification of Condition of Goods

4.  Reporting Results of Inspection to Showrooms or Interior Designers

5.  Storage & Consolidation of Goods prior to Delivery

6. Preparing, Staging and Delivering of Goods to the End User's Site

7.  Set-up and Installation of Furnishings according to Plans

8. Reconfiguration or Relocation Existing Furnishings as requested

9.  Filing Freight Claims for Damaged Goods

10. Removing Excess Furnishings as required

11.  Maintaining Inventory and Storing Excess Furnishings for Customers


A. What are some of the characteristics of a quality Home Furnishings Receiving Warehouse?

B. What should customers expect when Deliveries are made?

C.  What service can I expect with White Glove Deliveries?

D. What type of personnel or equipment is provided by a Home Furnishings Receiving Warehouse?

Possible Solutions

A. A Home Furnishings Receiving Warehouse should possess capabilities such as:

  • Familiarity with most major brands of furniture and furniture systems and the requirements of proper handling of these items.
  • Professional staff that is well trained and background checked to ensure reliability.
  • Experienced installers to assemble beds, motion furniture, wall units and other items that are put together at the end user's site.
  • Organized and efficient methods of delivery, careful attention to protection of spaces and property.
  • Clean gloves and shoe covers for use during deliveries
  • Organized warehouse free of debris from packing materials
  • Storage racks to ensure safety of goods while in storage
  • Automated inventory management system to document and track all goods
  • Proper vehicles, equipment and tools to support all project needs.

B. The Delivery portion of the Receiving Warehouse's business is the part that is visible to both the Customer and the End User.  Deliveries should be prompt and always on time.  Scheduling of deliveries should be a pleasant part of the customer's transaction.  Delivery vehicles and personnel should be neat and clean.  Delivery drivers are to do a walk through the delivery location to make sure the path is clear of objects, pets or children prior to bringing items into the location.  Delivered items are to be placed at customer's direction and adjusted to customer's satisfaction.  Documentation of the delivery should be readily available for the customer to sign acknowledging completeness of the delivery; and the customer should always be given a Customer Feed Back Card that can be sent directly to the Warehouse with their comments.

C.  Every Delivery is not a "white glove" delivery.  Choosing the right Receiving Warehouse makes all the difference.  White glove delivery is a term that is used to describe the care that is taken to ensure that good are received in their original manufactured condition, without soil or blemish. Items are opened and inspected in the receiver's warehouse prior to delivery and blanket wrapped for delivery. Delivered items are placed in the End User's desired location.  All packing/wrapping materials are removed from the site at time of delivery.

D.  Delivery personnel should be uniformed and well trained to properly lift items and on using carts and dollies to maneuver items.  They should be able to efficiently and effectively pad walls, elevators and traffic areas to eliminate the possibilities of any incidental damage to delivery areas when working in tight quarters.  Delivery personnel should provide all hardware, parts and all tools necessary for any assembly or installation requirements.  Delivery vehicles should be clean, well maintained and should be parked on the public street when making deliveries, never in private driveways.

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