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Office Relocation Services

small2 images office moveA large organization in a multi-level, open architecture, office complex situated on a multi acre business campus provides both partitioned office and cubicle work space for its personnel.  These environments generally consist of partial glass movable wall systems for their senior staff and acoustical panel privacy partitions for the main workforce.  The company makes periodic changes to departments, work teams and operations, which affect the layout of the various floor plans on each level. 

These types of set-up or relocation services are often extremely time sensitive and must be accomplished with short lead times and after normal business hours performance, so as not to interrupt the work day business operations.



Effective performance for an Office Relocation Services contractor included:

1. Receiving of the Customer's Office Furnishings from Manufacturers and Supplier Sources

2. Inspection of Incoming Shipments of Office Furnishings

3. Documentation, Identification and Verification of Office Furnishings

4. Storage of Office Furnishings & Consolidating

5. Preparing, Staging and Delivering Office Furnishings to the Customers Site

6.  Set-up and Installation of Office Furnishings according to Supplier's Plans

7. Reconfiguration or Relocation of Office Furnishings as requested

8.  Supporting Manufacturers Technicians during Service Calls for Issues

9.  Working in conjunction with Electrical and IT Contractors during Installations and Set-ups

10. Removing Excess Furnishings as required

11.  Maintaining Inventory and Storing Excess Office Furnishings for Use during Future Configurations


A. What are some of the characteristics of a quality Office Relocation Service?

B. What should customers expect when planning for Office Relocations?

C.  What are some of the challenges of Office Relocation Services?

D. What type of personnel or equipment would be beneficial to the performance of Office Relocation Services?

Possible Solutions

A. Office Relocation Service contractors should possess a broad range of skills such as:

  • Familiarity with most major brands of office furniture and furniture systems, like Steelcase, Herman Miller, Haworth, Knoll, Allsteel, Kimball, Teknion and Trendway.
  • Professional staff that is well trained and background checked to ensure reliability.
  • Thorough knowledge and experience with  assembly and disassembly of office systems
  • Organized and efficient methods of delivery, careful attention to protection of spaces and property.
  • Ability to work varying schedules to avoid customer's peak business hours.
  • Proper vehicles, equipment and tools to support all project needs.

B. The best Office Relocations are those where effort is put into the planning of the relocation far enough in advance.   Moving can be stressful to employees and stress can be minimized by good planning and communication.  If employees are prepared and all packed when it is time for the move, they will be able to settle in quickly when they are in their new spaces.  Move Captains for each department are a good idea; this provides employees a person in their organization to go to for questions and guidance.  

Efficient Office Relocations require a review of the relocation plans and drawings a few days in advance of the move by the moving organizations representative, the space planner's representative, electrical and IT representatives (when appropriate) and the Office Relocation Service's representative, to ensure that all parties agree on the final results and timeline.

C.  Even the smallest change in an office or business environment can give the entire team a fresh outlook on their place of work.  The most important concept to stress with all involved is that they are getting a "new beginning", whether downsizing, or growing, it is still a fresh start.

Organizations that focus on the bright side of the changes do the best with the challenges of any move. Some of the challenges are keeping deadlines, schedule, and productivity while packing up and settling into the new environment, as well as the impact of personnel changes on the organizations relocated staff.

D.  Never underestimate the power of good leadership, the best Relocation Services will provide a highly skilled and experienced leader to ensure that all the functions of the move are progressing on schedule and according to plan at all times.  Relocation personnel should be trained in using carts and dollies to maneuver panels, work surfaces and components.  They should be able to efficiently and effectively pad walls, elevators and traffic areas to eliminate the possibilities of any incidental damage to workstations or work areas.

Following the process outlined in the relocation review meeting will ensure that all involved experience the best possible Office Relocation.

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